Noah Calderón-Lehr studied art, choreography and design at Arizona State University and at the University of California, Irvine.  His undergraduate and graduate work helped develop him as a multimedia visual artist and his works in painting, photography, and sculpture have been exhibited and collected throughout the world.

Noah is also an accomplished choreographer and has created work for the stage, television and film. His passion for art, people, design, color, sculpture and movement eventually led him to the study of cosmetology when he realized he could channel his passions and skills into this one exciting field. Noah attended and completed his studies with honors at Penrose Academy and now channels over twenty years of visual, technical knowledge and experience into every one of his clients by helping them realize their hair’s true potential.


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Laura Garwasiuk studied cosmetology in Vancouver, British Columbia and worked in New York prior to relocating to Arizona. Laura is also our Bumble&bumble Network Educator and resident motorcycle enthusiast! She enjoys expressing her creativity with every client and cherishes helping others feel beautiful and happy. Her love of fashion, music, film and literature as well as travel, continue to inspire her career!


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Keith Smith studied cosmetology @penroseacademy and is a prolific creator of music, loves art, fashion, film, interior design and home remodeling. He truly enjoys creating lasting bonds with his clients and appreciates the challenging technical and creative aspects of hair!


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Ana McKenzie studied cosmetology @penroseacademy and draws inspiration from nature and street styles. She loves painting, sculpture and music installations. She cherishes her ability to transform and connect with her clients. A daughter, 5 cats, 2 dogs, 5 gardens and a partner keep her busy outside of the salon but she also finds time to practice yoga, acupuncture and transcendental meditation. Ana is a life-long learner and a true creative!

Kristen Thomas is a native of Southern California, and began working behind the chair in 2008. She has since worked in salons between Los Angeles and Orange County. Believing that education is the key to success in this ever changing industry, Kristen has dedicated herself  to her craft through advanced education color classes with L’oreal Professionnel. She is a certified balayage artist, as well as an educator for L’oreal Professionnel. Kristen’s goal is to use her talents and skills to get the best results for every client that sits in her chair at SALON RO5.


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